Wrestling Pendulum Swings Further East, Toward Cornell

14 noviembre, 2010

It is the first weekend of November, and a light snow glazes narrow country roads that zigzag through miles of cornfields. On a sprawling campus that overlooks this rural scene, the country’s top-ranked college wrestling team is in a gym working out with an eye on a national championship.

Some things never change in Iowa, do they?

But this is not Iowa.

Then it must be Oklahoma. Or perhaps Minnesota?

It is central New York State. The campus is Cornell University, one of eight Ivy League institutions.

Although every N.C.A.A. wrestling championship since 1989 has been won by teams from Iowa, Oklahoma or Minnesota — with only 4 of 80 N.C.A.A. championships won from outside those states in history — this season, Cornell is the unanimous preseason No. 1.

It is the first time a team from the Ivy League, which prohibits athletic scholarships, has had the top ranking in wrestling and is one of the rare times an Ivy team has been ranked No. 1 outside sports like lacrosse, fencing, squash, and ice or field hockey.


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14 noviembre, 2010

U.S. Would End Afghan Combat by 2014 in Plan

By PETER BAKER and ROD NORDLAND 39 minutes ago

A phased four-year plan to wind down American and allied fighting in Afghanistan will be presented at a NATO summit meeting in Lisbon later this week.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has developed a plan to begin transferring security duties in select areas of Afghanistan to that country’s forces over the next 18 to 24 months, with an eye toward ending the American combat mission there by 2014, officials said Sunday.